Oculus Go Game Reviews – End Space VR

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Today I am looking at End Space. End Space is a game that is being hailed as one of the best VR games around! That got me very excited, that along with its sci-fi starship style made this one VR world I was very interested in checking out.

There is a story serving as the backdrop for End Space. The basics of it are that in the far-out Tarturus Sector things are not running nice and smooth. There is a war between two factions. These are the United Trade Federation and the Tarturus Liberation Front. Do you have what it takes to fight for the United Trade Federation and stop the Tarturus Liberation Front from destroying everything?

If you like sci-fi then you will get a kick out of the story, I know that I did. My only little complaint is that the game would benefit greatly from having subtitles (or if it has them, having them on all the time). I say this because I sometimes found it hard to hear what people are saying and I had the volume super loud, but the speech in some places is too quiet.

Now, what makes End Space one of the best shooters I have played on the Oculus Go is the gameplay. I feel that this is what a Star Wars game in VR would be (or at the very least should be) like. If they remade the 80s Atari Star Wars game in VR I think this is exactly what it would be like. You fly around completing missions by blowing away any other ships that get in your way. It is exciting, fun and your blood is pumping the whole time.

There are a few different control methods, but for me, the best one and the one that gives you the most control over what you are doing is when you are using your head to steer and the controller to aim your weapons. It works incredibly well and you always feel like you are in complete control of what is happening. As far as gameplay goes, I do feel that there should be a better indicator for what enemy you are firing on, but you do get used to it.

End Space has a difficulty progression that is just right. You can play harder levels as you move on, but you can also get your hands on more powerful weapons that will come in handy as the enemies are smarter and harder. Really this is the way all shooters should handle progression as it offers you a challenge, but it is a fair challenge and a challenge that you feel you can actually do.

I had a fantastic time with End Space. If you have an Oculus Go I really do think that this is a must buy. The fact that this is currently way under ten bucks is just insane to me! The production values are sky high and the gameplay is just so much fun that you will not want to put it down.


Awesome graphics

One of the best shooters on the Oculus Go

The story is pretty neat

Gameplay is fantastic

It is like a VR version of the Atari Star Wars game


Voices can be a little quiet

Sometimes it is hard to know what you are shooting at

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