Oculus Go Game Reviews – Eclipse: Edge of Light

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Today I am looking at one of the most critically acclaimed games that you can get on the Oculus Go, Eclipse: Edge of Light. This game won many awards and was one of the most hyped VR games. Eclipse: Edge of Light is a game that I and many others were excited about so I am very happy to finally get the chance to put some time into it.

The story of Eclipse: Edge of Light is fantastic and I would go as far to say that this is one of the best story driven experiences I have had on the Oculus Go. I got a very Mist feeling from this game along with a bit of Lands’ End too. It has a very eerie kind of feeling as you explore this strange place to find out where you are, why you are here and what happened to the people that were here before you.

It is great stuff and it points you in the direction that you need to go, but the exploration aspect is enough that you feel like you can go anywhere you want in this large and open world. You have this ball that you can throw and many of the puzzles and different things you will have to do in the game will revolve around this gameplay mechanic. I did not find any of the puzzles all that difficult, but there were a few that made me scratch my head.

I am not sure if I would class this as a good or a bad thing, but I managed to beat Eclipse: Edge of Light in just one sitting. It took me around three houses, but I was so hooked I could not stop playing it. The length of the game is rather short, but the story wraps up nicely and in all honesty, if they had tacked on a few hours more I think that could have hurt the game overall.

The immersion aspect of Eclipse: Edge of Light is great as this is a game that actually requires you to physically turn around. I love this as it makes the VR experience feel more real. I though am lucky enough to have a setup where I can turn around easily. I know this is not the case for everyone and if you play with your Oculus Go on a sofa, turning around could be rather problematic. They hopefully will make it so you can turn around with the controller or with a head prompt in the future. For me though, actually turning around is something that I liked.

I had a blast playing through Eclipse: Edge of Light and I could easily see myself playing through this a few times. It is rather short, but I actually think that could be seen as a positive. The story is great, the graphics are great and the gameplay is genuinely a lot of fun. I think this is a must play if you have an Oculus Go!


Great graphics

Strange and interesting world to explore

You actually care about the story

The immersion that the game offers is fantastic

One of the best VR experiences!


It is rather short

You have to physically turn around

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