Oculus Go Game Reviews – Eclipse: Edge of Light

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When it comes to the Oculus Go one of the most celebrated games on the device is Eclipse: Edge of Light. I really do not think any other Oculus Go game has won as many awards or has been as hyped and praised as this one here. It is certainly a game I was very excited to get into a game I am very happy to talk to you guys about today.

The Story

I have always been a sucker for a strong story in a game and it is really the story that I fell in love with Eclipse: Edge of Light on the Oculus Go. I really do not want to go too in-depth with the story in all honesty with you. The reason for this is that it is one of those things that is best experienced firsthand. I would say that games such as the classic Myst are the best comparison for the way the story unfolds.

The basics of the story (with no spoilers!) are that you are in this very strange and kind of creepy place. Not only are you trying to figure out just where the heck you are. You are also trying to unravel the mystery of what the heck happened here to the people who were here before you were.

The Gameplay

I had a great time playing through this. It is a bit on the short side and I will admit that I not only beat the game in around three hours, but I also did it in one sitting too! That may sound like a negative, but it was so engrossing that I literally could not stop playing once I did and I was left with so many questions once I beat the game. I would describe the game as a mixture of puzzles and exploration.

You have this ball that you can throw to interact with various things and this is how you get through the game and do most of the puzzles. I did not find any of the puzzles too cryptic, but some may stump you more than others. I get the impression that this is a game that was made to be beaten. They want you to see all that it has and it is a rather exciting, but also relaxing kind of gameplay experience. The designers of the game clearly want you to feel like you are in this world and they do a great job of that. Part of the way they do this is by not having a button on the controller that turns you around, you have to fully turn around physically which is an interesting design choice so make sure you are aware of your surroundings before you play.

The Presentation

I fell in love with this strange world pretty much right away. There is just so much diversity here. You have parts with old trees, caves and so on then, you have areas that appear to be crafted with some kind of old technology. The game has a very smooth and cool kind of look to it and the Oculus Go does not skip a beat when running the game.

Overall the graphics and the sound do wonders to make you feel like you are in this world. I really liked how when you would uncover a bit of what happened to the race that lived here before the game does this really cool thing where you get a strange kind of flashback. It is hard to explain, but it is a really cool effect.

Final Thoughts

I really do think that Eclipse: Edge of Light is well-deserving of all the hype that it got. This is a fantastic experience and one that I would go as far as to say is an essential purchase for any Oculus Go owner. I know some may say it is far too short, but I actually think that the game wraps up perfectly and the length really is not an issue at all. This is regarded as one of the best games on the Oculus Go for very good reason!


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