Oculus Go Game Reviews – DRIFT VR

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I will admit that when my buddy was telling me about this game for the Oculus Go he had played called DRIFT. I for sure thought that it was going to be some kind of rally racing game. Well turns out that I was way off base as DRIFT is not a racing game……but in a way, it does share a few things with racing games. However, the gimmick of DRIFT is that you are controlling a bullet!

That is right DRIFT is being called the first bullet simulator to hit the world of VR. Which is kind of interesting as I really cannot think of another game where you control a bullet? DRIFT is a game where you need to control the bullet and make sure that it hits its target. You may think that this sounds super easy and how creative can it really be? But after the first few levels, you will be pretty blown away by how clever the idea of DRIFT is.

You see each room, area, level or whatever you want to call it is different and will have many different things that get in your way. You need to control the bullet so that it avoids all of the obstacles and can slam into the target, eliminating it. The way you do this is by tilting your head. The Oculus Go works very well here and I am happy to report that I had no trouble with the controls at all. It managed to pick up the slightest movement which is great as some spaces are very tight!

As you are zooming through the level, If you hit something that is not your target you come to a halting stop. I found this rather jarring. So while the game did not result in me having any kind of motion sickness. I must admit that the frequent stopping did hurt my eyes a wee bit. Of course, as is the case with all VR games, your level of tolerance could be vastly different from mine.

To help you out the game does let you use a slowdown feature every now and again and it is something that I would recommend you save for when you really need it. There are 15 levels to play through and they are quite well designed and I do like the minimalistic art style that they have gone for. I know some may look at this and think that they have cheaped out as far as the presentation goes, but I think the art style they have gone for works. If everything was highly detailed it would make getting through a level near unplayable.

DRIFT is one of the more interesting games that I have played on my Oculus Go. The idea of being the bullet is really cool and the first few missions are a lot of fun. The problem is after those first few missions you have seen all what DRIFT really has to offer so with that in mind I do feel that the asking price is a little high. Still, it is pretty cool and if it goes on sale, I do recommend you check it out.


You play as a bullet

15 different missions

The idea is very clever

The controls are very precise

One of the more interesting VR games


Price is a little high for what it is

May cause motion sickness

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