Oculus Go Game Reviews – Dead and Buried

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I was super excited when I learned that Dead and Buried was coming to the Oculus Go. If you have a love for the old West, ghouls and ghosts as well as some fast and frantic shooter action Dead and Buried is a game that you are going to have a literal blast with!

This sleepy old West town is being overrun with evil undead creatures and there are only three things that can put them in their place. You, your six-shooter and your Oculus Go. Dead and Buried is a charming and fun shooter that is incredibly free to download.

You will be facing off against what feels like horde after horde of undead folks. The art style is awesome and they all look like they are out of an old western….. well if old westerns featured ghosts, zombies and whatever the heck these things are supposed to be. Graphically, Dead and Buried on Oculus Go has a great look to it. I was impressed with how smooth and clean everything looked.

While there are not a ton of different areas. You have the streets, a saloon and a mine which are all classic settings that you would see in a western movie. Each area has its own style and personality.  I think that my favorite is the mine, it is dark and dreary and it just has a really cool look about it. There is not a ton of variety when it comes to the enemy types, but I am not going to be too harsh on the game for that. After all classic arcade shooters such as Virtua Cop, Operation Wolf and Terminator 2 all used the same looking enemies over and over again.

The gameplay is nice and fast, you do need to use a VR controller to play this so keep that in mind. But the controls work wonderfully well, you have to be quick on the trigger and make sure you reload at the right time or you could find yourself in trouble. You never know where the bad guys are going to come from so make sure you keep your wits about you and your head moving.

As well as taking down tons of enemies to try and get an awesome high score that will prove you are the fastest gun in the West. You can also play one on one high noon style shootouts. These are really cool and you could just imagine getting into a fight with your opponent in an old saloon before the fight happens. It can take longer than I would like to get a game, but when you are connected to another player it is a blast and your aim better be good or you could be in some real trouble.

Dead and Buried is a very fun game and one of the better free shooters that is available on the Oculus Go. It is rather simple, but if you ask me that is all part of its charm. It is the kind of game that is great in short bursts and something that is fun no matter what your age is or what your skill level as a gamer is. As it is free to play, I highly recommend you give this a try but remember you do need a VR controller to play it.


Really awesome old West setting

Very easy to play

It is quite addictive

Playing against other people is a blast

Very nice graphics


VR controller is required

Can take too long to get into a PvP match


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