Oculus Go Game Reviews – Daedalus

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Daedalus is a really cool game that many Oculus Go owners are freaking out over. The fact that it is only five bucks is amazing as it has the production values and style of a high end console game! If you like platform games, games that make you think and games that have some tricky puzzles, Daedalus is a game you have to play.

The story of Daedalus is actually pretty neat. Daedalus is a very skilled architect and creator of some truly wonderful mechanical devices. The evil King Minos though does not want Daedalus to share his knowledge with others and has imprisoned him! Each night while in his dreams, Daedalus needs to explore this twisted and intricate Creta’s Labyrinths if he is ever going to escape.

I am not saying that the story is Oscar worthy or anything like that, but it does a good enough job of getting you sucked into this world. So much that you do actually want to help poor Daedalus escape!

I have heard some people describe this game as like Portal and I think that it certainly does have a little bit of that in it. Each level will have a number of platforms that you must reach in order to open the path for the next level.

There is some great level progression here and the game does a wonderful job of teaching you its mechanics in the early levels. You will have to jump, explore, glide and make use of wind to reach what looks like unreachable places. You will spend many moments just looking around trying to figure out how to get to where you need to go. It is really well done and when you do finally figure out how to get past a certain obstacle or solve a certain puzzle it is a real “AH HA!” kind of moment.

The controls of Daedalus are great and even if you are just using the bog standard Oculus Go controls you will have no trouble navigating the different levels. Speaking of the different levels the designers have done an excellent job of providing a lot of variety to the different levels that you will be playing.

Daedalus is a game that is very easy to learn the basics of even something like flying is nice and easy to do. I really appreciate how smooth the controls are and when I did fail it was never because of control issues, but because I did something wrong.

I do wish that there were a few more levels as this is a game that you can beat in a few sittings (maybe even one actually) to be fair though that is a testament to how good the game is as you just want to keep on playing it more and more!

In all, I really do think that Daedalus is one of the best platform/puzzle hybrid style games I have had the pleasure to play on my Oculus Go. It is a game that I highly recommend you give a try and one that I really hope gets a sequel sooner than later!


Graphics are very well done

The puzzles are near perfect

Flying feels really good

Controls are very precise and easy to learn

Perfect amount of challenge


The game is a little on the short side

The story could have been fleshed out a little more

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