Oculus Go Game Reviews – Daedalus

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Daedalus is a very popular platform/puzzle game for the Oculus Go that is just on the verge of being a hidden gem. It is one of those games that those of us who know about will shout from the rooftops about as it is a great little game that deserves more love than it gets. Usually, when you get someone to play it they are hooked right away and realize they have missed out on something awesome.

The Story

I would not say that the story of Daedalus is going to win any awards, but there is something cool here that makes you interested in what is going on. The basics of the story are that Daedalus is one of the most skilled architects around and has created some incredible devices. However, there is a king called Minos who wants all of what Daedalus has created for himself so he locks him away so that he cannot share his skills with anyone else.

That part of the story is rather straightforward, but while locked away Daedalus while in his dreams can enter a twisted labyrinth where he can try to escape his captivity and earn back his freedom. It could be a tad more in-depth, but I do like that it gives you a reason to be doing what you are doing.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Daedalus is what really makes it a wonderful game for the Oculus Go. It is best described as a puzzle-platformer and even though the game is played from the first-person point of view. The platforming controls feel fantastic. The game does a really solid job of teaching you how to play it early on. You learn something new and the game will hold your hand for a short while to make sure you know how to use it.

The game also has you flying which sounds like it would be a hassle, but the controls here are great. Speaking of the controls, you play this with just the standard, Oculus Go controllers and the game plays great. With a nice variety to the levels and a fair challenge, I feel that Daedalus is the kind of game anyone can get into an enjoy.

The Presentation

It is pretty amazing how good Daedalus looks considering it is a budget priced title! There may not be a ton of detail in each area of the game, but everything looks slick and high quality and overall it is a very impressive game for one that costs around five bucks. I have played higher-priced and supposedly higher-quality VR games that do not have the level of polish this one here does.

The sound design of the game fits the visuals pretty well and overall it is a game that is very easy on the eyes and ears. While Daedalus is on the short side, I do feel that this helps keep the sections you go to from getting too repetitive so that is a good thing.

Final Thoughts

I have had a great time with Daedalus and actually played through the game multiple times. It has a decent story; great controls and it is a really solid platformer. Also, I am amazed at the level of polish this game has for what is really a budget title. Yes, it is on the short side, but I do feel it is the game you will probably play through a couple of times per year as it is a great deal of fun.


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