Oculus Go Game Reviews – Covert VR

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Have you ever played a game that you so wanted to like and that you felt had so much promise, but there were just too many things dragging it down in order for you to do so? Well, that is the kind of experience I had with Covert on my Oculus Go. On paper, this is one of the best VR co-op games around and the trailer makes it look amazing. While it does have some moments of brilliance, Covert sometimes is more frustrating than fun.

The idea behind Covert is that you have been hired as part of a team of international thieves. The story is quite fun and it does link the different missions you will be doing together quite well. Also, I really like the presentation they have gone for here. I think I would probably best describe the visuals as somewhere between Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

The idea of Covert is that you play this with another person sitting next to you. The person with the Oculus Go on their head is playing as the thief and the player with the tablet, smartphone or whatever is the hacker. This is such a clever idea and kind of like what Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes did, but Covert is trying to be way more ambitious with it. the thief as you would expect is required to sneak inside places to get stuff. They can use all kinds of gadgets like grappling hooks to do this. The hacker uses their smarts to tell the thief where the guards are, plan safe passage through rooms with lasers and move things like boxes so that they have cover. It is very, very clever stuff and when it works it is awesome.

I played this with my wife. She was the hacker and I was the thief and when it was going good, we were having a great time. You really do have to work together and it greatly encourages teamwork. The problem is the Oculus Go controller is not designed for movements as specific as this game needs. Actually, that is a bit harsh, what I really mean is that Covert sometimes requires you to act really quickly and the accuracy of the controller simply does not work. There were many times I needed to grappling hook out of there only for the icon not to show up even though I was 99.9999 percent sure I was on it.

These kind of things happen more often than I would like and it does drag the game down. To be fair on a different device with a better controller, Covert could actually work amazingly well. It is not a broken game by any means and when everything is clicking and working I would probably go as far to say it is one of the most fun co-op experiences I have had with my Oculus Go.

Covert is one of the cleverest ideas for a co-op game I have come across on the Oculus Go. If you can get it working right, you are in for a great time. The puzzles are fun and working as the hacker is nearly as much fun as being the person in the Go! The problem is the controls, they do not work as well as the game needs them to and that is a real shame. Still, I do think this one is worth checking out.


The graphics and presentation are great

From museums to bases the levels are varied

One of the most interesting co-op games for the Oculus Go

Playing as the hacker is also a lot of fun

The story is way better than you would think


Sometimes you die because of the control

You need someone sitting next to you to play it

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