Oculus Go Game Reviews – Coaster Combat

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Sometimes I play a game that has a theme that is both weird and awesome! That is exactly what Coaster Combat is. This is a game that is mixing a VR roller coaster experience with an action packed shooter type game. It is pretty crazy to mix these two things together, but this as I write this is one of the most popular games on the Oculus Go.

Ok so the game is a roller coaster simulator, but you have a wand that you can use to blast targets as you are zooming down the track. There is no aiming indicator, but I found that in general what I was aiming at I did manage to hit. There is no limit on your ammo anyway so it does not matter if you are a bit on the trigger happy side as you are trying to hit the targets.

One nice touch is how pirates and skeletons will be riding alongside you trying to put you off. This can be quite nerve-wracking when it happens, but eventually, you will be able to show these punks who the king of the coasters really is. There is a bit of a social aspect to Coaster Combat. There are leaderboards where you can submit your high score which is way more addictive than you would think. Especially if you have some friends who also play this. Then you guys can compete to see who is the real king!

Now as far as the tracks go, Coaster Combat does things a little strange. Instead of having a large array of tracks, before you start it has you pick from one of four themes. These are pretty varied and range from a pirate themed one to a snow-covered mountain. The idea is that the game will randomly generate a track for you each time you play it and that no two plays are exactly the same. I would not say this was 100 percent true as sometimes the tracks can feel very similar. I would have preferred if they had made 10,15 heck maybe even 20 actual tracks and have the targets be random.

The presentation is pretty great. I love the cartoon style and it makes pretty great use of the Oculus Go. So much so that I did find myself getting a little motion sick from time to time. I find that in a way as a good thing as it shows how immersive the game is and when you are flying down a twisty part of the track and there is a target on one side and you have to turn and face it, you do actually feel like you are on a roller coaster.

In all, I think that Coaster Combat is a fantastic game. It is a game that I feel very Oculus Go owner should at the very least consider playing. One thing that I really hope is that they make a sequel at some point. I think having dedicated tracks and maybe even some kind of player vs player mode would really make the game something spectacular. Still even as it is Coaster Combat is one of the more fun experiences I have had with my Oculus Go recently.


Four different themes of track

The aiming is actually pretty spot on

The graphics are very nice

It does make you feel like you are on a roller coaster

Getting a high score is very addictive


The tracks are not as random as the game makes out

May cause some motion sickness

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