Oculus Go Game Reviews – Bait! VR

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Ever since I played Sega Bass Fishing on the Sega Dreamcast I have had a soft spot for fishing games. Bait! VR is an absolute staple for the Oculus Go. It is a game that most Oculus Go owners will have heard of and if you have not… well, keep on reading to see why this is one of the most fun and relaxing games you can play on your Oculus Go.

There is a “story” that runs through the game, but it is not exactly the most in-depth kind of story in the world. You talk to locals, deal with your boss and so on, however as you would expect. You will always be sent out to capture a specific fish or amount of fish. While it is rather basic stuff from a story point of view. I do feel that there is more than enough here to move you from point a to point b.

I will say that Bait! VR is one of the most relaxing Oculus Go experiences I have ever had. There are a few different lakes for you to head out on and capture all different kinds of fish so there is a nice amount of variety here. I like how certain fish are kept to certain lakes as it does give you a reason to try them all. While there is an expansion that you can purchase. For me, there is more than enough content in the free version of the game that will keep most people busy.

The game has just such a relaxing feel to the whole game and I find that it is a great game to play if you are looking to wind down. I am not just talking about a hard day at work either. For example, I was playing a ton of Mortal Kombat 11 on Xbox One the other night. Bait! VR was the perfect game for me to “come down” with and that is one of the major strengths that Bait! VR has.

While Bait! VR has been released on a few different formats. I feel that they absolutely nailed the controls with the Oculus Go version of the game. Now granted they do not have the same kind of feel that the Sega Dreamcast fishing controller had. However, the Oculus Go controller works incredibly well and you do actually feel like you are fishing when you play the game.

The presentation is wonderful and I like how colorful everything in the game looks. The lakes, the people, the docks, the fish and everything else in the game have a really “nice” look to them. I love the rippling water on the lake surface and the ambient kind of sound that the game has really does help you get into a Zen-like state as you play through the game.

I am aware that for some people the idea of a fishing game sounds boring. I really suggest that you do not let that mindset stand in your way of enjoying Bait! VR. This is a truly wonderful and relaxing game that everyone needs to play. Even if you just get the free stuff and ignore the expansion, you are in for a great time with this game.


Very relaxing gameplay

Lots of different fish for you to capture

Four different lakes to fish on

The game has great looks and sounds


Not much “story” here

Getting people who do not like fishing to give it a fair chance!

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