My Parents Have No Idea about Me. Now What?

  1. Get to know your parents more.

You want your parents to understand you, right? Well, make sure to understand them, too. Do you even know what they like or what ticks them off? If you have no clue, get off your butt and do your homework. You can observe, talk to them, ask your relatives (grandma, grandpa or your parents’ siblings could help), and your parents’ friends. Getting to know your parents will help you stay with their good side so you have a better understanding.

  1. Forgive and forget.

Your parents are not perfect and neither are you. When you have settled differences before, there is no need to harbor ill feelings because they will just weigh you down. Teens and young adults tend to have bottled up emotions about parents because of unresolved issues and feelings of trespasses that they just could not let go.

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