Meaning of Marriage – Is Marriage for You?

  1. Marriage means being honest, while giving your trust to your partner.

Marriage also means being honest with yourself and your partner while also being able to give them your trust. You cannot trap your spouse inside the house for all eternity. There will come a time that they will need to leave to work or do some other things. In this light, you will need to give them your trust – trust that they will arrive at a decision that will not hurt you or your marriage as well as trust that he or she will be loyal to you no matter what. Moreover, you have to trust your partner that his or her decisions are made with the thought of your marriage and not just any selfish desires. In terms of honesty, you will need to ensure that you are as honest as you can be with your partner. If you did something wrong, you have to tell them no matter what, ask for their forgiveness, and make amends. Your partner will appreciate your honesty over the matter.

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