Is He or Isn’t He? 11 Signs That Your Man is Ready to Commit

Relationships aren’t always meant to develop into happily ever afters, or even “happily and let’s see what comes next”. Sure, yours just might but it starts with commitment. Following are 11 signs that your man is ready to commit.


  1. He’s not keeping you a secret

He’s introduced you to his friends, family, college buddies, people he works with; basically just about anybody he associates with. Bottom line, he doesn’t want to keep you what feels like a dirty little secret. Instead, he’s proud to be with you and wants everyone he cares about to meet you. If your man is keeping you a secret, warning bells and whistles should be going off in your head because he’s either avoiding introducing you because he’s not sure where the relationship is going yet or he’s probably already in a committed relationship with someone else or has no desire to commit to anybody yet.

  1. He’s Easy to Get a Hold Of

Okay girls, this is another one that should definitely set off some warning bells and whistles. If your man is easy to get a hold off, no matter what time of day, or day of the week you call him, he really loves talking to you, meaning he’s ready invest time into the relationship, not matter how busy he is. If not, chances are good that he’s hiding something, possibly a marriage or other committed relationship. Keep in mind though that if you go overboard calling him, you’ll look like a psycho so don’t go there either.

  1. He Freely Shares His Inner Thoughts and Secrets with You

He feels secure enough in your relationship that he shares his innermost thoughts and secrets with you. He considers you to be his best friend and confidant, trusting you to keep his secrets, to be sensitive to his feelings, not worrying that you’ll think any less of him. Basically, he’s probably ready to commit if you don’t need to pry information and feelings out of him, when he’s at ease being open with you.

  1. He Includes You in His Plans

When he talks to his family or friends about his upcoming plans he more often than not includes you in the conversations as well. At this point, it’s obvious that he considers you to be an important part of his life and doesn’t think twice about involving you in his plans. Anytime a guys conversation includes “us” and “we”, instead of “me” and “I” and includes you in his plans for the future, he’s ready for a committed relationship.

  1. Finds Reasons to Be with You

In the beginning of most relationships, couples find all kinds of excuses to be together. If you man continues to come up with reasons to get together after a year, then he’s more than likely really into you and ready to commit.

  1. Cares About What Your Opinions

A guy who is ready to commit will freely ask your opinion and include you in important conversations, consulting you about crucial life decisions that he needs to make. Most guys don’t even ask their friends’ opinions regarding important decisions so if he’s asking you, it’s an important sign that he respects and cares about you.

  1. How Does He Prefer To Spend His Time

There’s no harm in a guy wanting to do a variety of things with you like romantic dinners, going to a movie, hanging out at home watching the game with you and your best friends. It’s even healthy for him to hang out with his friend without you once in a while – after all, you’ll want to spend quality time with the girls once in a while as well. You only need to wonder if he’s “commitment challenged” if he’s a party animal, constantly looking for the next big party, hitting the bars with buddy’s, even if he drags you along as well. This kind of relationship will get old fast and whether he thinks he’s committed or not, he won’t be the best catch.

  1. Enjoys Pampering You

If your guy goes the extra mile to please you, paying attention to the kind of clothes and jewelry you appreciate, what movies you enjoy, what you like to eat – he’s really interested in you and is leaning toward commitment.

  1. Responsible and Independent

Has he matured beyond a High School mentality? If he’s criticized or disappointed about something, does he react like a 3 year old? How well can he deal with responsibilities, a change in plans or illnesses? Does he pay his bills or does he hit up a friend, family member or even you to pay them? If so, run, don’t walk away. On the other hand, if he acts responsibly, cares about his (and your) future and is setting goals, chances are good that he’s ready to commit.

  1. He Makes Future Plans

Is he letting you know that he wants to buy tickets for a concert that’s coming up in August (and it’s only February)? Or has he booked airline tickets for the two of you to visit his family for Thanksgiving (4 months in advance)? If either of these situations have happened to you, it’s obvious that he sees himself with you in the future.

  1. It Feels Right

How he treats you, admires you, looks and touches you are signs that he’s ready to commit to you. In addition, pay attention to how he addresses significant relationships in his life, such as his parents, siblings (especially sisters), his best friend, if he is loving and devoted to them, he’ll more than likely be the same with you.

A few Things to Ask Yourself

Ask yourself if you’re making it easy for your man to commit to you, regardless of whether it’s early on in your relationship or it’s been over a year. If you’re putting on the pressure and trying to nag him into a commitment, all you’re going to do is damage the connection you’ve built. Trying to pressure someone into a commitment seldom works and when it appears that it has, it won’t last. Who wants to commit to a nagging harpy anyway? Even more important, do you really want a man that can be easily pressured to do things he really doesn’t want to do? Even more importantly, wouldn’t you rather be with a guy whose desire to commit to you comes from the heart?

When it comes to commitment, it ultimately boils down to having similar goals and dreams for the future. If everything coincides, letting the connection grow into a wonderful, soul satisfying relationship should come next.

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