100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

Oculus Go is a very interesting and easy to use VR unit for phones. It’s an amazing way for you to experience VR without having to spend a ton of money on it. There are lots of cool options to consider and use here, and the fact that you are always in control is quite nice to begin with. But what games can you play on it? Here are some of the best titles for you to check out! 

100 Best Oculus Go Games
You can check the list here and read more about each title and why we believe it deserves its ranking in the following pages.

List of Top 100 Oculus Go Games

  1. World of Mazes – Episode 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)
  2. Bait!
  3. Temple Run VR
  4. Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR
  5. Dragon Front
  6. Smash Hit
  8. Shooting Showdown 2 VR
  9. Cosmos Warfare
  10. Land’s End
  11. Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding
  12. Poker VR
  13. Play With Me
  14. Herobound: Spirit Champion
  15. Oculus Arcade
  16. FindingVR
  17. Anshar Wars 2
  18. Dreadhalls Demo
  19. 405 Road Rage
  20. Herobound: First Steps
  21. PolyRunner VR
  22. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  23. Jigsaw Puzzle VR
  24. Sky Fighter: Training Day
  25. Dead Secret
  26. Dreadhalls
  27. Herobound Gladiators
  28. Darknet
  29. Dead and Buried
  30. Deer Hunter VR
  31. The Harbinger Trial
  32. VR Karts: Sprint
  33. Esper 2
  34. DRIFT
  35. That Dragon, Cancer: I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good
  36. Zombie Strike
  37. Bandit Six
  38. End Space
  39. Drop Dead
  40. Solitaire Jester
  41. Jake and Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure
  42. Bandit Six: Salvo
  43. Wheel Rush
  44. Pyramids Roller Coaster
  45. Wands
  46. Tomb Raider VR: Lara’s Escape
  47. Omega Agent
  48. Don’t Look Away
  49. Escape Room VR
  50. BombSquad
  51. 0110 Run
  52. Goosebumps Night of Scares
  53. Mortal Blitz VR – Escape The Darkness (Episode 1)
  54. Esper
  55. Space Battle
  56. CubeRun.VR
  58. Mr Cat’s Adventure
  59. Virtual Virtual Reality
  60. Dark Days
  61. Conflict0: Shattered
  62. Ping Pong
  63. Perfect Moon VR Edition
  64. Angest
  65. Death Horizon
  66. Snake VR
  67. Viral
  68. One-Man VurgeR
  69. Overflight
  71. Damnfields
  72. Evil Robot Traffic Jam Demo
  73. Daedalus
  74. The Hospital: Allison’s Diary
  75. Neverout
  76. Merry Snowballs
  77. RUSH
  78. Gumi no Yume
  79. Audio Arena Demo
  80. Age of Diamonds
  81. Protocol Zero
  82. Annie Amber
  83. Sammy in VR
  84. Space Dodge
  85. Gun Club 3 VR
  86. JUMP
  87. Rococo VR
  88. Proton Pulse
  89. Shooter’s Alley
  90. Slice&Dice
  91. Cubey Tube
  92. Ultrawings
  93. Ski Jumping VR
  94. Hidden Temple – VR Adventure
  95. Sea Hero Quest
  96. Sera: A Story
  97. Turkey Hunt
  98. Evil Robot Traffic Jam
  99. ElectroBeats

Oculus Go Game Reviews – Tactera

Image Credit:  https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1076393782417282/?locale=en_GB

The backstory of Tactera was something that I actually found very interesting. This is the brainchild of E McNeill and he was the person who brought us the excellent Darknet. He loves VR and wants to make VR games that he actually wants to play. Well, that is exactly what we have here with Tactera. He wanted to make a real time strategy game that felt like a game from the 90s but in VR.

As you can see from the screenshots, Tactera has a top down kind of view. The idea is that you are a commander looking down at your units from a position of safety. I feel that they were going for a futuristic type of war room effect here, but for me, it more feels like a person who is playing a board game like Risk or something like that.

The game is split into two phases. There is grand battle strategy and then there is the real time combat. The first part of this will see you faced with a map that looks like a giant grid. Here you will need to plot your course to the enemy. You take turns, where you move your units across the map until you come across the enemy and this is when the battles begin.

You and your enemy have the same number of bases. These bases will give you new troops that you can deploy in order to swing the battle in your favor. You have a lot of options at your disposal for what you tell the troops to do and it can be a little overwhelming at first. When you take an enemy base, it becomes yours and you can then decide what you want to do with it. As far as a real time strategy game goes, I feel that fans of the genre will feel right at home with what Tactera is offering.

For those who are new to this type of game, I can see you having enough after about ten minutes in all honesty. I am not saying that this is a bad game or anything like that. I just feel that the tutorial could have been much better. I get the impression that this game was made for people who were already familiar with this genre. As a result, this would not be the ideal game for someone new to RTS or tactics games, in general, to play as the learning curve is very steep.

There is a campaign here that is quite fun to play through and this does actually work quite well in making you feel like you are in charge of a whole bunch of troops and units. I would advise this is where you spend most of your time when you first get the game. While the campaign is great, multiplayer is what is going to really suck you in. Playing a game like this with an equally skilled opponent is a real match of wits. Even against the AI Tactera can be a very tense game. You can kick the tension up to a level 12 when playing against another person.

I think that Tactera is a really solid strategy game and if you are willing to put in the time to learn how to play it properly you are in for a real treat here. The art style is rather basic, but I think that it is also cool. With a decently lengthy campaign to enjoy in single player and a never-ending run of multiplayer battles to enjoy. I do feel that for those that are into this type of thing, Tactera is going to be a game that they spend a ton of time with.


The art style is basic, but kind of cool

Plenty of different units to use

A heavy emphasis on thinking before you act

Multiplayer can take over your life

The campaign is a nice length


A very steep learning curve

It is not new user-friendly at all

Oculus Go Game Reviews – Skylight VR

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1792865820758773/

Before we start it is important to know that the Skylight, I am reviewing today for the Oculus Go is the Deluxe Edition. This is an improved version of the game that is adding much more content. What is cool about this is that the game does not actually cost you any more money. So, if you have ever fancied yourself as a captain of a starship in an intergalactic war, Skylight for Oculus Go is the game for you.

The first thing that really impressed me is how great the bridge you are on is. There is a lot of immersion here and I really did feel like I was on the bridge of an intergalactic starship. I do wish though that they added more people on the ship and let you walk around more and really explore. To be fair though this is all about the combat so if you are the captain you would not be walking around the ship.

I would best describe Skylight for Oculus Go as a turn-based strategy game. You have a ton of different ships to select from and you need to select one and what you want it to do. It is a game that requires you to think before you act as one wrong move can cause your whole battle to come undone. I would say that Skylight is one of the most slow-paced turn-based games I have played and I think this is something that you will either love about it or hate.

The single-player mode has close to 40 different missions for you to play through so there is a lot of content here. There is a tiny bit of story to the game, but I do feel that they could have done more in this regard. The visuals of the battles are really cool. Rather than see them actually happen, you are watching them on this really awesome holographic projector. It looks just like something that would be on a futuristic starship.

As well as a pretty lengthy single-player campaign. Skylight for Oculus Go also features a strong multiplayer setup as well. You can play against a buddy if you want or you can play with a random person. I found the matchmaking to be pretty quick and one thing that works quite well is how you can take your turn and then walk away from the game. This means a battle can be spread across a very long time. Of course, the flip side of this is having people lose interest, but I do think the idea has some promise.

There really is not a whole lot to Skylight for Oculus Go. I am not saying it is a bad game at all, but the slow pace might certainly put some people off. I do feel like it could have used a little more flash! The actually turn-based battles are quite fun and I do like how the game does not bombard you with options and it is a more relaxing kind of game. There are certainly a lot of missions here so that along with the multiplayer mode gives it a lot of longevity.


The holographic space battles are cool

The bridge looks pretty awesome

You do feel like a space captain

There are close to 40 missions to do

Plenty of ships to command


It can be a bit boring

Nothing really that blows your socks off here