Oculus Go Game Reviews – Angest

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1199148026798440/

The first time I saw the trailer for Angest I knew this was a game that I was very interested in. I love playing story-based games on my Oculus Go and I had heard that Angest had a very intriguing story. This along with the fact that the trailer made the game look like it had a kind of Event Horizon feel to it made it a game I was very excited to download for my Oculus Go.

I am at kind of a loss to describe the experience I got with Angest. The idea of the game is that you are alone on a space station and your only company is an AI. The AI will “look after you” and make sure that you are on hand for the tasks that you need to do. The game has a very Russian vibe to it which makes you think that you are part of some kind of Russian space program, but nothing is very really explained and I kind of like that.

The AI will ask you these very strange questions which at first seem like they are pretty random, but Angest has these dream sequences and you will notice the answers you gave to the AI during your interview will have an effect on what you see here. It is very surreal and it kind of makes you feel like your character (or maybe it is you?) is kind of going mad. The game has you tend to this strange garden as well as doing a few other mundane tasks and the way you do these can change what happens the next day and where you can go on the ship.

I can easily see how some people could play this for 30 minutes or so and do the same thing on each day, get boards and say enough of this game! For me though, there was just something so very intriguing about the whole experience that I needed to know more about what I was doing here and what the heck was exactly going on. While the game does have an ending, it is not really direct in giving you some answers and that was a bit of a bummer for me as I did stick with it and felt like it needed to have a definitive ending and let me know what the heck I just experienced.

The actual gameplay is very simple, you move around the ship by looking at these yellow dots and there is a ton of stuff that you can interact with. I do kind of wish they implemented the controller a little better as I feel this would have made the game a much more immersive experience.

One thing that I do really like about Angest is the style. It is very hard to describe, but I get the impression that the game takes place in the near future. However, the ship and the style of the stuff that is on board has a kind of retro look to it. This is just one of the many mysteries of the game and I do feel that the presentation is actually very underrated.

I had fun with Angest and despite a few flaws like the controls and the ending, it is an experience that I am glad I had on my Oculus Go. I will say that this is a game that is not for everyone so I would recommend that you check out a YouTube video before you give it a try.  


The game looks great

I got a kick out of the retro style of the ship

You can interact with a ton of stuff

Are you going mad?

The AI is kind of creepy


The ending is kind of lame

Moving around the ship could have been done better


Oculus Go Game Reviews – EQQO

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/2461352513879642/

Let me start by saying that there is no way you can look at EQQO and not think of the classic PlayStation 2 game, Ico. Clearly, the people behind this game are big fans of that as there is no way this game is not at the very least a little bit inspired by Ico. I am not saying that is a bad thing as that game is awesome. So any adventure game that has a little bit of Ico in it is always going to be a game I want to check out on my Oculus Go.

The story of EQQO is super weird. Well for me it is. The game is actually based on old Ethiopian legends which if you know about that kind of stuff I am sure is really cool. There are two main characters in the game an egg and a child and you are basically playing as the mother of the child who needs to help guide him through this very interesting world. The child cannot see which raises the stakes even more.

As you can see from the screenshots, EQQO looks like a million bucks. I think I would go as far as to say this is one of my favorite games on the Oculus Go from an art point of view. They really have done a wonderful job here. Not only that though, the mother actually narrates the game as it moves along and the voice acting is every bit as lovely as the visuals are. From a presentational point of view, EQQO really is quite spectacular.

I would describe the game as a puzzle game. The egg actually has powers and you need to help the child use the egg and its powers to solve various puzzles. I found that none of the puzzles were actually that hard, but this is actually by design. I get the feeling that the people behind EQQO wanted to make the game a more relaxing experience and they certainly achieved that. I am not saying the puzzles are all super easy and some will make you have to think, but you will figure it out as the game is not overly cryptic.

The controls of EQQO are very easy to get to grips with. You move your head which basically lets you look around and then you control a little hand cursor which you can then interact with the world and make it safer for the child so that he can continue on through his journey. The story really does come to life before your eye and it is a bit of an emotional one. I do think that the game can be enjoyed by anyone. However, I will say that as a parent I do feel that the story hit home with me that little bit more.

Without a doubt, you have to check out EQQO if you have an Oculus Go. The comparison to Ico is so spot on with this game. It may be a little on the easy side and it is short, but this is one of those gaming experiences that you will always remember.


Some of the most lovely visuals on the Go

The story is great

Some amazing voice acting

A truly memorable experience

A nice relaxing experience


Only lasts around 5 hours

Not the hardest game

Oculus Go Game Reviews – World of Mazes

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1450630291726754/

If you are new to Oculus Go or even if you have been dabbling with VR for a while now. World of Mazes is sure to be a game that you have heard of. Not many games manage to be as addictive, tricky and also have a great story like World of Mazes does.

What really took me by surprise about World of Mazes was how story driven it was. Too many puzzle games just have puzzles thrown together with nothing linking them together. World of Mazes actually has a strong narrative running through it so you care about solving puzzles and getting to the next one.

You are imprisoned with a guy called Gelayon and he informs you that he is actually a servant to a kidnapped princess called, Maya. He gets you to help him escape and the two of you head out of the maze in order to save the princess. The storytelling is great and you do actually care about these characters.

Of course, having a story is great and all, but what about the actual mazes and puzzles? Well, these are quite challenging, but I found them to be a lot of fun and never challenging to the point where they were frustrating. There are tons of different mazes that you are going to have to get through and each one has its own set of rules, challenges as well as characters that you will have to deal with.

One thing that I think is really cool is that these mazes will change each week. This keeps things not only fresh but makes it much harder for you to cheat and look at a guide online. When you complete one maze, you always wonder where the heck you will be sent to next.

There is a great variety to the mazes in World of Mazes. You will start off in what is an Aztec style of maze. This is a rather smaller scale maze compared to what is to come. This maze is greener and full of life. In comparison, there is the Grezorth Maze. This one is much bigger and has a more ominous feel to it. It is not just the mazes, but the characters and creatures that you interact with which are different from maze to maze as well.

Of course, the main goal of a maze is to get from the start to the portal at the end of it. Doing this though will require you to do many different things that differ from maze to maze. This ranges from talking to a character, sneaking around and finding and using an object to get past a gate, cavern or whatever. There really is a lot of variety from maze to maze and it always keeps you guessing as to what you have to do next.

I have played a lot of maze games on the Oculus Go, but I feel that World of Mazes really is one of the best. Not only does it have some great maze designs that offer challenging puzzles to do. World of Mazes also has an interesting narrative with characters that you actually care about. This is well worth checking out and I highly recommend that you do!