PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

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It is crazy to think that the original Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin game is now over ten years old, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin really was a game that came out of nowhere. As a huge fan of the work of Tim Schafer and the original game. Having a game that bridges the gap between the first game and the upcoming sequel on the PlayStation VR was something I was very excited about.

Let me start by saying that I have played through the original Psychonauts game multiple times. So, for me jumping back in with characters like Raz, Lili, Sasha, and Milla was a lot of fun. The problem is, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is putting a lot of faith that the people playing this one their PSVR have played the original game and are already familiar with these characters. Even though I have played the original game many times, sometimes I had to really think about a reference that was brought up.

This time the gang have graduated from Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and are ready to get to work. The story is great if you are someone who knows what the deal with these characters is. Even if you are a newcomer to the series, you will love the charm and wit that comes with this game thanks to Tim Schafer’s incredible imagination. It is really the gameplay and the setting of the game that makes it so much fun.

I would best describe the gameplay as something similar to what you have with Arkham VR and Rick and Morty, two PSVR games that I really enjoy! You are in one area at a time, but you can “zip” to a different part and there you can interact with various puzzles and objectives that you are tasked with. These characters have special abilities and most of the puzzles that you will be doing will require the use of these. Ranging from using your telekinesis to move something around to your pyrokinesis to burn something! You can just screw around with your abilities if you like and that is a lot of fun too.

Like how Morty can take control of Mr. Meeseeks, Raz can take control of various other characters in the world to complete objectives. I found this to work very well and it was always fun to do. One thing I will say about Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is that none of the puzzles really stumped me. Tim Schafer usually has some very fiendish puzzles, but this time around it does play it very safe. I am not saying this makes the game an unfun experience, but do not expect to be stuck too often by any of the puzzles.

One thing that I really liked was the progression of the game. It starts you off with access to all your abilities, but then it takes them away. This is not a bad thing at all as it makes you want them more and each new thing you learn to do, makes you say “oh yeah” and you really do appreciate it. I played through the game with the DualShock 4 and had zero problems with it doing what I wanted it to do and that is always a good thing.

Overall, I have had a great time with Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin the three times I have played it. The story is great, it looks awesome and I love the general progression of the game. If you have a PSVR this is well worth playing. If you enjoyed the original Psychonauts game then I would go as far as to say that this is an essential addition to your PSVR collection.


It is set between the original and upcoming sequel

Features all your favorite characters

The puzzles are rather simple to figure out

The game controls very well with the DualShock 4

It is awesome this game even exists!


It is really made for those who played the original

Some might find the puzzles too easy

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – PlayStation VR Worlds

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PlayStation VR Worlds serves as a fantastic introduction to the world of PlayStation VR. For many people, this is probably one of the first VR experiences they will have with their PSVR. While it would be so easy to pass this off as just a demo disc. I feel that this offers far more fun than many people give it credit for.

PlayStation VR Worlds is split up into five different VR experiences. What is quite clever about this game is that each experience is different so it is kind of “training” you for the world of virtual reality which I think is pretty cool. Let me start by saying that I do not actually think there is a bad experience in the whole bunch so I would have to say that as far as PSVR games go, this one here is one of the best value for money games you can get.

Let’s start with London Heist. This is the big one of the set and it is pretty cool. The game sees you as a thug as part of a gang in London. You need to steal a jewel, but of course, something goes wrong! This is very well done, has exciting gunplay and it is probably the most “game-like” of all the experiences that the game has. It also kind of set the tone for what would come in Blood & Truth.

Next up I want to talk about, Ocean Descent. This is not really a game, more of a VR experience. You are a deep-sea diver and as you make your descent, a shark becomes very interested in what you are doing! Sure, this is super predictable, but seeing the shark coming at you and being able to look all around you is very cool stuff. This is one thing I have gotten many of my friends and family to try out and they have all loved it.

Scavenger’s Odyssey is a sci-fi shooter/exploration kind of game. It is pretty fun and shows the potential for what a game like this could be like on the PlayStation VR. I actually think this is probably the most “unsung hero” of all the experiences that are on PlayStation VR Worlds. You need to explore; use a really cool pulse cannon and the aliens you encounter are pretty neat too.

Next up we have VR Luge which sees you going super fast down a street on a street luge. You need to steer using your head and this one did make me feel a tad motion sick the first couple of times I played it. There is a real sense of speed here and I can tell you there are many occasions when you want to close your eyes as it does have a very realistic kind of feeling to it.

Danger Ball is probably my least favorite of all the experiences that the game offer. It is a “futuristic” sport where you bounce a ball back and forth using your head. It is basically a new version of Pong. It is not bad or anything like that and it works fine enough, but the game is rather boring and easily the one that I messed around with the least.

In all, I think that PlayStation VR World is a great package and one that every PSVR owners should have in their collection. Out of the five VR experiences, this offers I would legit say that four of them are really fun. For me, the best two are London Heist and Ocean Descent, both of these showcase how fun and immersive VR can be.


It has five very different VR experiences

The gunplay in London Heist is a lot of fun

Seeing the shark for the first time is really cool

It serves as a great introduction to the world of VR

Fantastic value for money


Danger Ball is the weak link of the set

Luge VR may give you a bit of motion sickness

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Batman Arkham VR

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Batman Arkham VR for the PlayStation VR was a very, very big timed exclusive for Sony’s VR add-on. I know for me personally that as a huge fan of the Arkham series of games, this was a huge factor in me wanting to get a PSVR. The big question was if they would be able to take the excitement, storytelling and general awesomeness of the other games and bring it to the world of VR!

As far as the story goes in Batman Arkham VR for the PSVR. I actually like what they have done here. Basically, Nightwing and Robin are missing and Alfred cannot get in touch with them. He tells Batman and he heads out to try and find out what has happened to his two allies. As you progress through the game you will come into contact with some great characters such as Penguin and Killer Croc. What is really cool about this is that they are voiced by the same actors as in the main Arkham games.

The story is rather short and the ending is a real sore point for me. However, it does feel like something that could have been a side mission in one of the Arkham games. You will probably blow through this in a couple of hours. So, while what this offers is good. I do feel that they could have had this as a DLC add on for Arkham Knight rather than being a full retail game of its own.

You will need the PlayStation Movie controllers to play this so please keep that in mind. The game is very different from the main games in the series. The most notable difference is that there is no combat! The idea of the game is that you are using Batman’s detective skills and while you can use things like Batarangs and his grappling hook, you will not be pulling off any of those sweet combos that you do in Arkham City or Arkham Knight. You do not have free-roam around a crime scene, but moving around is easy enough.

My only complaint with the controls is when you need to look behind you and the PS Move controllers lose sight of the camera! To be fair this is more of a problem with the PSVR itself than this game. Thankfully rather than actually turn your head around, you can make Batman face the other direction with just the touch of a button. So while it may not be as “immersive” I do actually prefer to do this as it is more comfortable and keeps the Move Controllers in view of the PlayStation Camera.

Overall, I think that Batman Arkham VR for the PlayStation Move is a good time. If you like the other games that are part of this series then you will enjoy what they have done here. I do question the asking price for this as it is only a couple of hours long. Still, I have played through this a few times now on the PSVR and the Oculus Rift so it must do something right!


It captures the feel of the other games very well

The voice acting is amazing

I liked the story that they told here

Putting the cowl on feels awesome

The presentation is very well done


It is very short

The PS Move Controllers are annoying when not in view of the camera