Oculus Quest Game Reviews -Bait!

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/967457083325115/?locale=en_GB

Fishing games may sound “weird” however Bait I feel is one of the most relaxing experiences you can get on the Oculus Quest right now. This is a game that if you follow VR in any way you will have heard of. It is a game you can play without spending a penny and it is a real favorite for millions of VR users across all platforms.

One of the things that I still find weird about Bait is that it does have a “story” running through the game. You actually talk to people, do missions and so on and that is just kind of crazy that they would go to that effort in a game about fishing. Now the story is not going to win any awards or anything like that, but I do have to give the developers credit here. There is more than enough to give you a reason to be doing what you are doing and that is really all you can ask for.

As you have probably figured out by now the goal of Bait on the Oculus Quest is to capture as many awesome fish as you can. You have many different types of fish that you can catch and there are also different lakes for you to fish on. For a free game, I am actually amazed at how much content they give you. It does have some in-app purchases, but I have played this on the Rift, Go and now the Quest and I have still not spent any money on it. It is one of the fairest “free” to play games that I have ever had the pleasure to play.

You select your bait and then cast your rod into the lake and hope for the best. There is just something so very relaxing about the gameplay of Bait that it is very hard to explain. For me, it is the kind of game that is perfect to unwind with. Also, it is great if you are looking for a game that is quick and easy to get into and for something you can play for just five or ten minutes at a time. I am not even a fan of real (or should I say “reel”) fishing and I have had a blast with every version of this I have played.

Now onto what makes this Oculus Quest version special. In all honesty with you, not much. I do not mean that as a bad thing though. Bait for the Oculus Quest is the same good time that I have had on the Rift and the Go. The wireless nature of the device, of course, does make it more comfortable to play, but there is not really anything “gameplay” wise that makes playing this better than the other versions. It plays just as good and looks just as good too!

Bait for the Oculus Quest is a must play kind of game. It is free and while it does have in-app purchases these are not in your face or essential to get the best out of the game. You get different lakes to fish on and catching fish is actually something that makes you feel pretty darn good about yourself. This is a must have in every Oculus Quest collection!


Plenty of styles of fish to catch

It is a very “soothing” kind of game

Plenty of variety when it comes to lakes

The overall presentation is very charming


It does have some in-app purchases

Not really making great use of the Quests wireless capabilities

Oculus Quest Game Reviews – OrbusVR: Reborn

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1441504575894342/?locale=en_US

I have to start this by saying that OrbusVR: Reborn on the Oculus Quest is the kind of game you will either love or hate. I really do not think there is any kind of middle ground with this game and when you look at what others are saying online that certainly appears to be the case. However, if an MMO is what you want to play on your Oculus Quest then this as of right now is your only option.

One thing that is really cool about OrbusVR: Reborn on the Oculus Quest is that if you have purchased this on another device, the game does support cross-buy so that is cool. As well as that, OrbusVR: Reborn is also a game that supports cross-play so that as well is good. I like how they are looking out for the consumer/player in that regard. With this in mind though I do feel that is what dictated the visuals of the game.

OrbusVR: Reborn on the Oculus Quest has a cell shaded kind of look to it. It is easy on the eyes and a style that I really do like. I enjoy the way that the environments look and the monsters that you come across look pretty cool too. They used this kind of style as it works across all of the Oculus platforms so everyone is going to get the same experience. My only gripe with the visuals is the characters themselves. They look like some kind of knock-off Mii from the Nintendo Wii!

You have a very decent selection of classes to play as. I went for a more melee-based class as I like that kind of combat, but there are ranged and spellcasters too that you can use if that is more your thing. One thing I will say is that the combat is very satisfying I found myself throwing hands like a madman trying to take down enemies and it was a tiring experience let me tell you that. When I was picking up loot after a battle, I more often than not really felt like I earned it!

The world is very large and there are a ton of quests for you to do. I swear I start one quest and end up down a rabbit hole three quests deep! That is not meant as a bad thing, it is all part of the MMO experience. Speaking of which you can team up with other players to do things like raids and dungeons so there is a lot to keep you busy here. I found playing with other people to be a mixed bag, but to be fair that is really the case with 99/100 MMO games I have played over the years. Word of advice, people do not want to hear you crunching Pringles when you are doing a raid with them.

The overall gameplay feels great, actually having to drop in items and mix them to make a potion is great. Actually, the overall crafting is very well done and something I usually am not into in a game like this, but here I did not mind. While I am playing as more of a brawler, I am actually thinking of starting a new game where I play as a more ranged kind of character as that does seem like a kind of easier way to get through the game. As long as my aim does not suck of course.

I do think that OrbusVR: Reborn on the Oculus Quest is a great start and I am very interested to see what they add. I feel that with just a bit more polish they really have something on their hands here. The price at around 20-30 bucks is on the high side, but you are getting a lot of game for your money with OrbusVR: Reborn. I just hope that in the next update they make the playable character designs more appealing and fitting with the game world.


There are tons and I mean tons of quests to do

The environments look very appealing

You can do raids and loot dungeons with other players


It has cross-play so finding people to play with is easy


The created character designs flat out suck!

It just needs a bit more story and overall polish to make it a true must buy

Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Bonfire

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2658975244130479/?locale=en_GB

I recently read that Baobab Studios were like the Pixar of virtual reality gaming and I think that is the perfect way to describe them. Their last game, “Crow the Legend” was awesome and their pedigree of hit animated movies does not hurt their reputation either. Today I am looking at Bonfire their latest game and this time it is on the fully wireless Oculus Quest.

The idea of the story is that you are a scout looking for a new planet that mankind can live on. Unfortunately, you suck at your job and you wind up crash landing! You are accompanied by your robot AI who is called, Debbie and who is voiced hilariously by Ali Wong. It is dark and all you have to keep you “safe” is your bonfire.

You can communicate with Debbie and she will let you know what the deal is. However, it is when you meet an inhabitant of this planet called Pork Bun that things really take a fun and interesting turn. Pork Bun is a charming and curious little fellow and the “game” is all about you interreacting with him and deciding if you are going to continue with your mission or if you are going to do what you feel is the right thing to do.

Bonfire I would describe as a family comedy in its tone. It is very, very amusing, but this is a game that also has a lot of heart and it does make you think. Interacting with Pork Bun (and the campfire) feels great with the Oculus Quest and the tracking I felt was absolutely spot on. I am not 100 percent sure the “wireless” nature of the Quest is a huge asset in this game, to be honest with you, but the device from the headset to the controllers handles everything very well.

The presentation of the game is amazing. I would probably say that visually this is one of the most stunning games I have seen on the Oculus Quest. It really does look like a big budget summer blockbuster from Pixar or DreamWorks. The lighting is amazing and the shadows I will admit kept making me think there was something there! The sound is also amazing, especially the voice acting. It really is like you are playing through an interactive movie.

Which really brings me to the only negative that I have when it comes to Bonfire and that is the game’s length. You can get through this in around 30 minutes or so and for a game that costs the better part of 10 bucks that is really short. Yes, this is a wonderful experience and it clearly has had a lot of money spent on it. However, I do feel that a game of this length should be five bucks at the most.

Still even with the rather short length of the game. Bonfire is a game that is very easy to recommend. This is a very high-quality game with some slick production values and a very clever script that is expertly brought to life. If you can stomach that price tag, I have a feeling this will be a VR experience that you talk about for many years to come.


The game looks amazing

Ali Wong is amazing as your Ai companion

The “puzzles” are fun to play around with

It is like playing through a Pixar movie

The controls are very easy to figure out


Asking price is a tad high

It is a very short experience