Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Vader Immortal Episode 2

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To say that I loved Vader Immortal when I played it earlier this year is a massive understatement. I was worried about how long it would take for Vader Immortal Episode 2 to arrive on the Oculus Quest, but here it is! This is the killer app for the Oculus Quest and I was so excited to learn that episode 2 would be released so fast. However, does it live up to what the first episode started?

The story of Vader Immortal Episode 2 follows on from episode 1 (as you would expect) I think that those of us who are Star Wars fans can probably see what is coming here a mile off, but that does not mean it is bad. Vader has found out that there is something which can make him immortal and you are on the toasty hot planet, Mustafar to get it for him. I have really enjoyed the story so far and have to say you are nuts to play this before episode 1.

As much as I really enjoy the story that the Vader Immortal for Oculus Quest is telling so far. Episode 2 I must say is about half the length of the first episode. I was actually quite shocked at how soon it ended. You are probably looking at around 30 minutes of playtime, to get through the whole story which does feel a little short. To be fair though, while short, the game is still awesome if you are a Star Wars fan.

Once again, you are hacking and slashing your way through the game with a lightsaber and it feels fantastic. The lightsaber play in the game is awesome and a major highlight of VR gaming in general (especially thanks to the wireless nature of the Oculus Quest) but Vader Immortal Episode 2 introduces The Force to the game! You can now use the Force to grab things and throw them. The way this works is great you reach out to grab what you want to grand and then throw it. It feels so very satisfying. You know how good it feels in a game like The Force Unleashed to use The Force? Well it is even better when you do that in VR! It actually makes me excited to think about what other abilities further episodes may add.

Vader Immortal Episode 2 may have a very short story, but they have added in a mode called Lightsaber Dojo II which is a great deal of fun. Basically, you just fight off wave after wave of enemies and it is rather shallow, but this is the kind of thing that is just so much fun to do. I have fired this game up every couple of days since I purchased it just to have a few rounds in the Lightsaber Dojo and I am sure most other people will do the same.

I really am enjoying what they are doing with this series. There is going to be a lot of people talking smack about how short Vader Immortal Episode 2 is. However, I think the short story that is here is very well done and makes me excited to think about what could be coming next. Using The Force works just as well as using the lightsaber does and it is a great deal of fun to do.


You can now use The Force!

The story is great if you love Star Wars

Has a very authentic Star Wars feel to the whole game

I really enjoy the Lightsaber Dojo mode

The wireless nature of the Oculus Quest really shines here


You can beat the story in around 30 minutes

Will we get a new episode in 2019?

Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl

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I am not usually the best at deck building strategy games, but Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl for the Oculus Quest is a game I have found myself spending a ton of time with the last week or so. This is actually brought to us by the fine folks that made Arizona Sunshine so that right there got me pretty excited to see how they would turn their hand at a game like this.

What I like about Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl is that it is a pretty easy concept to get your head around. You face off against an opponent and you use cards to battle with. You need to build a deck of cards that suit your playstyle and you can upgrade and tinker with these cards to make them even better. There are a ton of different cards and I would bet that the deck that suits your playstyle is probably very different from the one I like to use.

You have lots of different cards at your disposal. These range from basic attackers who use melee style attacks ranged attackers like bowmen and more powerful things like fireballs and dragons! There is quite a lot of strategy at play here and it is not just simply about having the best cards, it is also about knowing when to use them at the right time. You win the game by defending your own stronghold and destroying the enemies. Or if the time runs out whoever is winning the battle at that time will be the victor.

Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl uses a mana system. You have so much mana that you can use before it needs to be charged. Each card uses a different amount of mana so you need to think a move or two ahead. I have tried going in all guns blazing right at the start, but against a skilled opponent, they can usually weather your ferocious storm and then pick you off while you are waiting for your mana to recharge.

You can either play against the AI which has different difficulty levels or another human player. Playing against the AI is where you want to start as this teaches you the basics of the game as well as letting you figure out what kind of deck you want to use. There is no single-player campaign which is a bit disappointing. However, multiplayer is pretty stacked in that there is this faction war going on and you pick a side of the faction and try to help your faction win. The gameplay is easy to figure out and having to use the Quest controllers to pick and play cards is pretty fun. Speaking of fun, the game has over 20 battle arenas which help to keep things fresh and interesting.

While Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl may be a bit bare-bones in terms of its game modes. There is no denying that as a strategy card game, this is pretty awesome. I have had a great time with it so far and I am very excited to see what kind of stuff they have planned for the game in future updates. If you like strategy games and games with deck building, you are in for a great time here.


I love the fantasy art style

There is a lot of depth to the gameplay

I like picking and playing cards

The online faction system is fun

Easy to figure out the basics


There is not much in the way of single-player content

I wish there was a bit more story

Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Cave Digger: Riches

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Cave Digger: Riches for the Oculus Quest is a game that at first, I was like “is this it????” but then I played another game, then another and then another! This is one of the most addictive “loot collecting” style of games that you can get for the Oculus Quest and it is a game that I can see myself coming back to time and time again.

Let’s start with the point of the game and that is to get filthy rich. Cave Digger: Riches has an old West kind of setting, but this is a bit of a different Old West than you may be expecting. There are actually a few quests in the game and there are some different endings that you can experience. So, while at first glance, you may think that collecting loot and just going for a high score is all that Cave Digger: Riches has to offer, that is not the case at all. You have a buddy to hang with as well as booze to pound down which is fun.

You are on this train which takes you to where you need to go. I loved this and the sense of “VR” here was very well done. The “main” game starts with you in this mine shaft and you have walls that you can mine. You are on the clock so you have to be fast at mining whatever material is in your way. You collect the loot and send it back via a chute in the middle of the elevator you are on. Once the time is up the elevator will move to the next section. This happens a few times and then you go back to the main part, where you can use the riches you have gathered to upgrade your equipment and get new stuff.

I will admit the first half an hour or so will have you scratching your head asking if this is all the game has. Well, it is and it is not. You see there are some great items you can use. Some of these are very easy to figure out like the pickaxe for example. Then there are others that require a little trial and error and you to screw around to figure out how to get the best out of them. What do you do with the bucket? And what about that weird glove which looks like The Infinity Gauntlet. Cave Digger: Riches does not really give you much guidance when it comes to some of the items and that is something I like. It made me reach out more and try new things rather than just hitting away at what surface was in front of me.

The game plays great on the Oculus Quest, you can easily turn and start bashing away at any of the surfaces and the Quest Controllers work great. The game gives you more of a workout than you would expect. As you are inside this mineshaft for most of the game, you do not actually need a ton of space to play the game and that is something I actually really liked about it.

On the surface, Cave Digger: Riches looks a very shallow kind of game. I can see some people getting bored with this after just 30 minutes or so. For me, I loved trying to get as much loot as I can. Upgrading my gear and getting weird new stuff to use was a lot of fun. As was discovering there was more to this game than just smashing away at some rocks!


The game offers far more than you would think

A nice amount of variety to the surfaces you will be smashing

Collecting loot is very addictive

I liked some of the fun items and upgrades

It works like a charm on the Oculus Quest


I can see many people quitting the game before they “get it”

I do feel it is a tad high priced for what it is