Oculus Go Game Reviews – Sea Hero Quest

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1639295696089857/

Wow, talk about a surprise! Sea Hero Quest when I first saw the screenshots and video footage of it looked nothing more than a cutesy kids VR game to me. Boy was I wrong! The story behind Sea Hero Quest is amazing. This is actually been put out and developed to help scientists learn more about and fight dementia. That is some pretty inspirational stuff and you have to give the people behind this game a big high five for that.

The first thing that catches your eye about Sea Hero Quest is the visuals. This game looks amazing which when you consider the game is free is pretty amazing. I always say it when a game uses this kind of art style, but I do get a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker kind of vibe from the visuals. Especially in the areas that have islands and the water is very blue. I really do like the charming visuals and overall the presentation is great.

So, what exactly do you do I Sea Hero Quest? Well, the idea of the game is that you are an explorer. You will travel to all kinds of seas from ones that have a tropical look to it and others that are like you are at the frozen top of the world. As well as navigating different waters, you are also on the hunt for different sea creatures. There is a little bit of gameplay as you can interact with the sea creatures by giving them food and you can also interact with other things that are in the world.

The whole time that you are playing Sea Hero Quest it is collecting the data and it is using that for its dementia research. The loss of navigation skills is one of the earliest signs of dementia and the way that this game tracks data is going to give scientists a better understanding of ways that they can help fight dementia. It really is a fantastic cause and even if you only play the game a couple of times, I do feel that it is well worth doing as you are doing your part to help these guys out.

Sea Hero Quest is very easy to play the head tracking is pretty spot on and the interacting with the world works very well. I do feel that they have kept the game as simple as possible so that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While there is a good cause and a reason for Sea Hero Quest to exist. I must say that from a video game point of view it is quite charming and fun to play through. Plus you feel good knowing that your playthrough is actually making a difference to the dementia research.

This is a game that is 100 percent free so there is no reason at all as to why you should not give it a go. While Sea Hero Quest is a game that is here to help with dementia research, it is quite a fun little experience in its own right so it is worth having a couple of playthroughs.


You are helping a great cause by playing it

The art style has a lot of charm

Cool sea creatures to find

Sailing on different seas is fun

The game is helping fight dementia


As this is for such a good cause and free I refuse to write any cons about it

Oculus Go Game Reviews – Relic Seeker: Hypogeum

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When I first heard about Relic Seeker: Hypogeum I have to be honest and say that I was less than excited. I thought that it was yet another ancient temple game that is based around puzzles, but then I heard that it had ties to ancient alien civilizations and I was sold! If you like puzzle games that are really rich on story then Relic Seeker: Hypogeum is certainly a game that I feel you need to take a closer look at.

I will be honest and say that it was the blurb I read about the story more than the trailer that got me interested in the game. The story is that you are playing as an archeologist called Lewis. You have been sent to investigate this ancient temple by a rather mysterious organization. As Lewis explores the temple, he realizes that the stories which he is reading are actually from an ancient alien civilization! That right there had me sold and if you are a sucker for anything to do with Ancient Aliens like I am it will have you hooked too.

Relic Seeker: Hypogeum is set into different chapters and I feel that they have tried to make each chapter feel like an episode of a TV show. It does this quite well and it moves you from puzzle to puzzle at a pretty brisk pace all the while giving you more information about the story as you play. The game’s visuals are great and actually, I would say that they are pretty underrated as they are clean, smooth and quite detailed. I do feel that a few more moving things would have really brought it to life more, but this is a bit of a nitpick.

As far as the actual puzzles go, I never came across any that made me so stuck that I lost interest in the game. As a matter of fact, I would probably say that none of the puzzles are super hard, but I think that is a good thing. They are not very easy either, but somewhere right in the middle. I think that some puzzle games try way to hard to make the player feel stupid, but Relic Seeker: Hypogeum does not do that. It actually wants you to get deeper into the temple so that you can find out all of the secrets that it has inside.

I do feel that they could have had some more physics-based puzzles. Puzzles that had more moving parts and so on. Most of the puzzles are rather simple (although still fun) in their design and I would have been very interested to see what they could have done had they used a little bit more imagination.

In all, I was very pleasantly surprised by Relic Seeker: Hypogeum. This was a game that I was ready to ignore and I am so glad that I did not. The story is great, the puzzles are actually a lot of fun to do and the game moves at a nice pace. I had no trouble with the controls at all and even using the default Oculus Go controls was nice and easy. If you like puzzles, sci-fi, and adventure I highly recommend that you check this one out. I actually got a bit of a “Myst” feel from it!


The presentation is great

One of the most intriguing stories for a puzzle game

Ancient Aliens!!!!

The puzzles are challenging, but fair

Different chapters to play through


Could have used a bit more animation on some of the puzzles

The storyline may not be for everyone

Oculus Go Game Reviews – Angest

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1199148026798440/

The first time I saw the trailer for Angest I knew this was a game that I was very interested in. I love playing story-based games on my Oculus Go and I had heard that Angest had a very intriguing story. This along with the fact that the trailer made the game look like it had a kind of Event Horizon feel to it made it a game I was very excited to download for my Oculus Go.

I am at kind of a loss to describe the experience I got with Angest. The idea of the game is that you are alone on a space station and your only company is an AI. The AI will “look after you” and make sure that you are on hand for the tasks that you need to do. The game has a very Russian vibe to it which makes you think that you are part of some kind of Russian space program, but nothing is very really explained and I kind of like that.

The AI will ask you these very strange questions which at first seem like they are pretty random, but Angest has these dream sequences and you will notice the answers you gave to the AI during your interview will have an effect on what you see here. It is very surreal and it kind of makes you feel like your character (or maybe it is you?) is kind of going mad. The game has you tend to this strange garden as well as doing a few other mundane tasks and the way you do these can change what happens the next day and where you can go on the ship.

I can easily see how some people could play this for 30 minutes or so and do the same thing on each day, get boards and say enough of this game! For me though, there was just something so very intriguing about the whole experience that I needed to know more about what I was doing here and what the heck was exactly going on. While the game does have an ending, it is not really direct in giving you some answers and that was a bit of a bummer for me as I did stick with it and felt like it needed to have a definitive ending and let me know what the heck I just experienced.

The actual gameplay is very simple, you move around the ship by looking at these yellow dots and there is a ton of stuff that you can interact with. I do kind of wish they implemented the controller a little better as I feel this would have made the game a much more immersive experience.

One thing that I do really like about Angest is the style. It is very hard to describe, but I get the impression that the game takes place in the near future. However, the ship and the style of the stuff that is on board has a kind of retro look to it. This is just one of the many mysteries of the game and I do feel that the presentation is actually very underrated.

I had fun with Angest and despite a few flaws like the controls and the ending, it is an experience that I am glad I had on my Oculus Go. I will say that this is a game that is not for everyone so I would recommend that you check out a YouTube video before you give it a try.  


The game looks great

I got a kick out of the retro style of the ship

You can interact with a ton of stuff

Are you going mad?

The AI is kind of creepy


The ending is kind of lame

Moving around the ship could have been done better