Oculus Go Game Reviews – Please Don’t Touch Anything VR

Image credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1088797664494908/

I love the idea of Please Don’t Touch Anything VR and it is a game that I found myself keep saying “just one more go” and then another half hour would have passed. If you like puzzle style games and escape room style games that have a wicked and dark sense of humor, Please Don’t Touch Anything VR is going to be a game that you really enjoy.

The game starts off with a really cool and interesting setting. The idea is that you are at work with a buddy and your buddy really needs to hit the bathroom. He asks you to cover for him and above all else DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!!

There is a big red button in the room and of course since you are told not to touch anything you want to touch that big red button. Turns out your buddy was right and this was the last thing you should have done.

Now you need to put things right and the only way for you to do this is by solving a ton of different puzzles. There is almost no rhyme or reason for the progression of these puzzles and you never know what the game is going to throw your way. One minute you can be using a UV light to look for hidden stuff then next you have to deal with Morse code. It makes for a very challenging game and some of the puzzles simply refuse to hold your hand and require you to really think outside of the box. I think that for some people this could be very frustrating and I must admit on occasion I found myself getting frustrated and not knowing what the game wanted me to do.

Please Don’t Touch Anything VR has some great production values and each room you are in will have its own style. The presentation is not going to win any awards, but it is still quite easy on the eyes and things are detailed enough. The fact that you can actually destroy the world because of how inept you are means the steaks are very high in this game. However, thanks to that rather dry sense of humor the game has it is done in a very tongue in cheek, almost matter of fact way and I did sometimes find myself chuckling when I failed a puzzle and had to watch the consequences of my failure.

There are a ton of puzzle and escape room style games on the Oculus Go and this one here thanks to its strange premise does stand out from the crowd. I liked the humor and most of the puzzles. There were some puzzles that I felt could have benefited from a couple of hints to at least push you in the direction, but for the most part, they were all solvable with some brain work.

Please Don’t Touch Anything VR is a very fun puzzle game and one that is great if you like puzzle games that offer a real challenge. If you hate it when a puzzle game gives you too many hints, you will love this as there is very little hand holding. On the flip side of this though, it can get frustrating when you fail over and over again when you have no idea what to do. Still, Please Don’t Touch Anything VR is well worth trying out if you are a fan of puzzle games.


Amusing story and setting

Lots of different puzzles for you to do

A very solid challenge

The humor is great

You can destroy the world if you make a mistake!


Some puzzles are perhaps a little too hard

You may find this more frustrating than fun

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