10 Signs to Know if Someone is MEAN!

Being mean is an option, but sometimes, it is hard to admit. You might feel you are too good because all people follow you, but you do not realize that it is because they are afraid of you that they do. If you want to know whether you are mean or not, evaluate yourself using the following questions as your guide.

#1. Do you yell at someone when they bumped at you?

When someone bumps at you accidentally and your things fell on the ground or you got a little hurt, you feel your day is totally ruined. So as a response, you yell at that person even if he or she says sorry. That is mean. Maybe there is a reason why he or she is in a hurry and whatever it is, everyone deserves respect. You do not need to shout and call him or her stupid. On the other hand, if the case is in reverse and if you are the one who bumped at someone, you are mean if you do not care whatever happens to that person.

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