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Salty Truth is a type of Truth that is Salty. So, if it is salty is it still the truth?

Salty Truth is a website for those who love to read interesting articles about controversial subjects. Whether if you are wondering what the best virtual reality games are these days, how education would look like if schools were three days per week, should you follow a career and education based on your dreams or the reality, what foods are healthy, is weight loss obsession really getting you in shape or hurts you and what are the real motives behind becoming super skinny, what are the biggest challenges of teens and parents, or just what health care professionals, presidents, business coaches and others tell you or don’t tell you then there is something here for you.

Find your favorite articles about health & fitness, life & relationships, business & education, and more. Surf and read and let us know your comments. We love to know them.

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