A journey through world’s most beautiful islands – The top 10 must-see list!

  1. The Big Island – Hawaii

Another of Hawaii’s scenic wonders, magical to the point of implausibility, this unique creation will drain your camera of its battery and space. Black sand beaches, heart-stopping volcanoes, enticing rainforests and inimitable landscape will leave you entrapped enough to never want to leave it! Prime yourself for some great hikes and nature trails!

  1. Galapagos Islands

The island that served as a turning point and inspired the life’s work of Charles Darwin is a perfect setting for those who wish to perceive wildlife and nature in all their glory. This archipelago located on either side of the equator is home to a great variety of unique and fascinating wildlife. A number of species found on this island cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. A trip here will serve as both an educational and inspirational one!

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