A journey through world’s most beautiful islands – The top 10 must-see list!

  1. Sicily – Italy

Moving west again towards the Mediterranean, one should not forget the violently beautiful Sicily Islands of Italy. Home to one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, Mt. Etna, Sicily also prides itself on possessing some of the world’s most attractive beaches, gorgeously hued waters and amazing resorts. A quest of a different kind indeed!

  1. Capri – Italy

Staying put in the Mediterranean for a while, you could also plan a small trip to the Capri Islands. It is impossible to have not heard of the lovely climate and unique architecture of this beauty in Italy. With perfect view to the historical and infamous Mt. Vesuvius, Capri offers a great blend of heritage, art, culture and scenic beauty to enthrall its visitors. Let’s not forget that Capri has been an inspiration to countless artists and writers!

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