9 Pros and Cons for Following Your Dream Over Career

Since younger years, we already have a dream – a dream of becoming someone in the future. However, there could be times wherein you are influenced by different factors, which lead you to a path you certainly believe as far way different from what you want to be. A great example for this is taking up a business related degree, even if you really want to be a journalist. Sounds a little bit weird, right? But that happens in real life. Once you graduate from college, you have two options – to have a degree related career or follow your dream. What do you think would be the best thing to do? To help you analyze, take a look at the positive and negative sides of both situations.


  1. You never stop dreaming.

Not following your dreams ends up everything you have planned. This also makes you stop dreaming since you know that no part of it will happen. On the other hand, if you follow your dreams, you will be able to build a life story that you have wanted as well as continue to plan on improving your dreams.

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