8 Reasons Why Some Girls Are More Likeable Than Others

  1. They do not let others treat them with superiority.

A person who believed about their capabilities and does what is right according to what they want, gains more attention and praises. This means they are confident enough to do things without having the dictatorship of others. A girl is more attractive if she knows how to handle herself, while the one who always follow what other people ordered her to do, gains only sympathy. This applies to whenever someone ordered you to buy food for her, answer her assignment, or something similar.

If you are here, it means you read the article. If you are a girl, now that you read the whole article, there is a twist. Do you think it is really important to become more likeable? Isn’t it better just to concentrate on being yourself rather than trying to become more like others? Sure popularity or likeability has its own perks. It increases your options. That’s why many people knowingly or unknowingly are after it. But, being obsessed with becoming more likeable takes away the real satisfaction in life. Instead of being happy with who you are, you are always after becoming someone you aren’t. If you want to become more likeable, the aforementioned points may be useful for you, but here is something to think about first: Is trying to become more likeable the right choice?

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