8 Reasons Why Some Girls Are More Likeable Than Others

  1. They know how to show their real self.

Almost all people hate fake ones. Fake ones are those who always make sure that their physical profile is good, those who try to pretend, or those who make friends just to have strong acquaintances. Many people like girls who show off who she really is, not because she wants to impress someone, but because that is who she really is. Most want to go with real people because they know that there will be no pretensions. If she likes you, she shows it, if she does not, you cannot get together and have a long conversation with her and that is far way better than talking with someone who stabs you in the back when you are away.

  1. They are strong.

Who would like to be with a girl who cries easily? I believe none. Strong ones most likely are the ones being chosen as a friend by many. Strong ones are commonly those who are involved in sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Seeing girls who play sports are quite cute so this makes them so much likable and attractive not just to the other girls, but also to guys. Being strong can also be visible with the way a person acts together in a group and individually. She does not usually depend on others, is not afraid to go alone, and is not afraid to stand by their decisions as well as what they believe in.

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