8 Reasons Why Some Girls Are More Likeable Than Others

  1. They are intelligent.

Being intelligent can be noticed in school performances. And in other aspects, that intelligence of mind can be challenged and showcased. Even a not so beautiful girl attracts more friends and admirers when she performs very well in school. She will gain so much respect from people around her. All other girls will bow and follow her including the prettiest ones who are commonly the most likable. However, deception could be present. Some guys might just tell her they like her where in fact, they just want to benefit from her intelligence.

  1. They are outgoing.

People who are outgoing, such as those who go to parties, hang out in the beach, go on adventures, try adventurous rides, and used to go shopping might gain so many friends having the same interests as well. People who find going out as an exciting thing to do, find other people who are also outgoing as really likable. They surely do not like those who do not want adventure as they may find it boring.

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