8 Reasons Why Some Girls Are More Likeable Than Others

  1. They are very kind.

Even an ordinary girl can get the attention of many, especially if she is just too kind to be ignored. Usually this girl speaks in a very sweet manner and in a low voice. This is also the girl who knows how to ask for help in a kind way and also accept others who ask help from her. If you know how to care of other people, they also will care for you and will like you always. They are the ones who commonly do not need to do so much effort just to be likable. Being kind can be seen even on the first day of communication. It is one of the characteristics that are too hard to imitate.

  1. They are simple.

A simple girl usually do not get the first attention, but later on, they are the ones who stand out as the most likable and attractive girls in the room. It is because they carry a sense of feminism. They do not always hang out and go out with boys. They do not always place powder on their face, but still manage to look good. They might not be the makeup-frenzy type of girl, but once you place them in the spotlight, they shine. They commonly praise other people because of other’s beauty, but they do not know that they are even much more beautiful. When praised, they are a little shy. More girls want to be the simple-type of girl and more guy like girls who are simple.

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