7 Types of People You Don’t Wanna Date

Dating is such a fun thing to experience for everyone. However, you must be aware that not everyone is actually “dateable”. There are men and women who you do not want to date.

  1. The Unstable and Quick-Tempered Peeps

For a moment, a lot of people who just envy you for having a super caring and hot girl or guy. And, then on the next moment, his or her mood just goes crazy or indifferent. Now, you might feel lost and even ask yourself, “What the hell happened?” These are not the type of people who are just having their occasional mood swings or the popular PMS. These are the people who seemed to have made mood swings or PMS-ing a habit. They are volatile, they are explosive in an annoying and stressing way, and definitely, they are not the one you would want to date. People like this will just keep you asking, “Who the bleep am I dating?!”

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