7 Things Mamma Didn’t Tell You

All mammas know a lot of things, but the problem is mamma does not tell you everything. Here are seven of the things that mamma did not tell you.

  1. There is no harm in saying, “No.”

Your mamma has always told you to be obedient and to always follow the rules, so now that you have grown a bit older, you are having a hard time since mamma has forgotten to tell you that it is okay to say, “No” sometimes. Saying, “Yes” even if what you really want to say is, “No”, you might just find yourself placed in an unhappy and uncomfortable situation in your life. If mamma has told you to be obedient, you do not have to go stray from that, all you need to do is assess yourself. Can you do? Are you comfortable in doing it? Will you not be saying, “No” to yourself? You have to free yourself from all the unhappiness and worries and just learn how you can nicely affirm your boundaries.

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