6 personality traits defined by social media followers

6- The Sycophants

This is a common occurrence with the profiles of very popular people. No matter whatever you do, your followers would be actively supporting you and encouraging you. There would be few differences of opinion or hate comments even for the most objectionable posts. This could also show that you are a celebrity of sorts, and garner immense admiration for your work or actions. Sycophants get boring after sometime because, they rarely contradict anything you say. Some egoistic people may also like having a large group of sycophants as their followers but their opinions rarely are a true representation of one’s true qualities.

The question that comes to mind is, what if a person has very few or no followers at all? What does it say about them? There are many who don’t have a lot of people following them in their social media profiles. It just means that they like to keep a quiet profile. They are not usually very public with their opinions or activities. It does not necessarily mean that they do not lead fulfilling lives or do not have friends. Maybe all they are using social media for, is what it was invented to do. To connect with friends and family.

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