11 Things Happening if School were Three Days per Week

  1. Less Preparation for the Real World

School molds a person to a much better individual and let them be prepared for the real battle in the outside world. Hence, they should feel how it is to work five days a week and still find life worth living. If school days will be reduced, students will find it more difficult to adjust during working days in the future. This is because they never find the pressure in schooling three days a week, compared to working for five days. Maybe, they will find it easier to finish studying, but what happens to them after that is quite alarming. The school is the training ground for the real world and less school means less training.

  1. Forgetting Assignments

Students commonly do homeworks after class because it needs to be submitted the next day or the day following it. They are pressured to do it immediately. They do not have a choice. However, they might also forget about it sometimes. Nevertheless, when days off of school are increased, they will have the chance to leave homeworks behind and do it next time or the next day. The tendency is, they will forget to do it later and will just remember it during class hours. It is a disaster. This might happen always instead of sometimes.

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