11 Things Happening if School were Three Days per Week

  1. Students May Become Lazy

If days having no classes at all will be lengthened, some students may become too confident not studying for a day because they still have the next day. Procrastination, may be? Also, it can change daily routines, such as not getting up early. They can get used to it and most likely, they may not be able to wake up early for school. They might also be tempted not to go to school for a day because of the length of time they spend out of school.

  1. Less Allowance for Students

Most students depend only on the allowance given by their parents for extra money. Most also hate weekends since they will not be given any allowance. While parents might get happy because they can save, some students may despise a three-day schooling schedule. They cannot spend more for their wants and this is truly a disappointment, especially when your parents do not give you extra money for leisure time with friends.

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