11 Things Happening if School were Three Days per Week

  1. More Time to Relax and Less Stress to Handle

Is a five-day school week tiring? Definitely! I bet everyone will agree. Five-day school week only leaves you two days for weekends, so how was that enough to recover your full energy to start another school week? It really is not sufficient enough. Increasing the no-school schedule truly helps students to relax more. They can spend one day for energy generating activities, another day for doing school stuff, another day for the family, and one day to prepare for the class the next day. Isn’t it amazing? Students will be having enough time for everything.

  1. More Time to Work

Some students work to earn money and have additional finances for school stuff. They work to earn so they can pay for school fees. However, since there are more school days than days off of school, they can only earn so little and worst, still not yet enough for school fees. If the tables are turned, wherein school days are lesser, they will have more time to work and they will also earn more. They can now spend for their education and still have enough time to study their lessons.

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