11 Things Happening if School were Three Days per Week

  1. Students may be Able to Study More

Weekends, which consist of two days, are undeniably not enough to cater to all of the subjects you need to study. It pressures the students and it could be the reason of failure. When school days are lessened, students will have sufficient time to study all of their lessons again so they can memorize or master them. They can plan their study schedule properly as well. In return, they will most likely have higher grades. This benefits the students, while it also creates satisfaction for teachers knowing that their students have ample time to master the lessons at home.

  1. Family Bonding Time May Be Increased

After a 5-day school, students get very exhausted from all the school activities they did for the week. Because of this, they may not be able to spend a lot of time with their family since they keep on doing things related to school even at home. Sometimes, they cannot even spend a day at home, especially if they need to practice for a play, dance, or recital with their classmates. This also happens when group projects were given. Therefore, if the school days will be reduced, they will have enough time for school projects and family time every week will be guaranteed.

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