100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

91. Cubey Tube

In Cubey Tube you just have to dodge cubes that come at you with a very high pace. It’s an extremely fun game and it does end up bringing in lots of intense moments. There are only 5 levels to play through, but they increase intensity and that does make the gameplay so good as you go along.

Cube dodging seems really easy at first. But as you play you will notice that the gameplay gets only more and more intense all the time. And that’s a good thing because it always pushes the boundaries and encourages you to bring in front some cool little moments that you can check out. Is it possible to achieve great results with this game as you play? Of course, but you do need to try and figure out what possibilities are there and how you can explore and expand all of that. It’s the type of thing that really rushes in ways you would not imagine and that’s a crucial aspect. In addition, you will like the fact that every level is randomized. So when you get into this you will get to have a whole lot of fun and you will be very happy with the way things work and the endless options.

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