100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

87. Rococo VR

Dealing with a poisoned glass does make the experience very problematic and quite intense. You don’t know what happened and what causes this issue in the first place. But you really have to figure out what’s going on here, and the best way to achieve that is via playing this unique and intense game. It’s a fully immersive and unique adventure game with a cool ending. Finding the one that poisoned you might not be simple at all, but it does push the boundaries all the time, and that’s what you will like the most here.

It’s a great game and one where you always have to strive and find the mystery behind all of that. It will be quite the achievement and the best part is that you get to do that gradually. Mysteries like this are always going to be very tricky to handle and while it’s not an easy thing to handle, it will certainly come up with its fair share of problems as time goes by. So you should totally check it out in the end, which is what you need.

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