100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

84. Space Dodge

As an airship pilot in the future, your focus has to be on keeping our planet safe and you have to go on a mission to make that happen. Things are not as simple as you might imagine, there’s a lot of intense gameplay to go through as you try to figure out the right option. This is an extremely challenging game, and it always pushes the boundaries when it comes to your piloting capabilities. You really have to check it out and give it a shot, as the results will be second to none all the time due to that.

Piloting a space ship in the future is the dream of just about anyone. That freedom which comes from exploring a massive world and just finding new ways to tackle such challenges is what really matters in such a game. And you will love it for sure. It’s one of the coolest opportunities to consider and something that will definitely explore new opportunities and great experiences all the time. It’s all about understanding the challenges you want to focus on and the outcome can be among some of the best as you play. So if you love space games, you are bound to love this one too!

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