100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

61. Conflict0: Shattered

You play as an old war robot and your focus is on eliminating the enemies in the base and kill the target right away. There are multiple chapters, this is only the first one. You have tons of cool guns in the game, there’s even an energy sword that you can use for duels and so on. The world is complex, large and full of fun stuff to do.

Taking the role of a robot in a game like this is quite incredible and it also plays off extremely well. The game does a very good job at bringing a stellar sense of immersion and you will be amazed with the attention to detail and outstanding support delivered here. It’s nice to see new gameplay ideas to explore and enjoy here, and the game does an amazing job at making the process fast and convenient. People like playing this game because you get to be a robot, so what can be better than that? Just check it out, you will love it!

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