100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

60. Dark Days

Dark Days is a supernatural thriller that’s pretty much an escape room situation where you really have to get out as fast as possible without any challenges. It’s definitely one of the coolest game ideas out there, and the narrative as well as the way you are guided is very nice.

The supernatural touch works great for this game and a lot of people will like it. That doesn’t mean it will be very easy to get into it. The game is designed to be quite challenging and full of unit twists as well as smart ideas. It’s an amazing achievement and it gets better and better all the time, which is very impressive in its own right. You do need to at least test it out for yourself and once you do that you will not have a problem playing it often. Do keep in mind that Dark Days is quite scary and the escape room experience is a whole lot scarier than you might imagine!

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