100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

56. CubeRun.VR

CubeRun.VR is an endless running game where you have to collect all coins and stay away from any challenges that appear in front of you. The more coins you get, the more unlocks you can make. It really is a fun game for the entire family.

There are so many obstacles coming that it can be very hard to prepare for all of that. Which is what makes this game such a good one to begin with. There are always some new and fun things to explore, and the experience only gets better and better as you play, which is what you want to have from something like this. Every run is randomized, so you have infinite replay value and the outcome can indeed shine a lot in such a situation. So yes, this is a great endless runner, if you like this type of title you do need to test it out.

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