100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

4. Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR

Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR puts a nice spin on the movie by allowing you to fight as one of the main characters. You have to beat baddies and you must do whatever you can in order to acquire a high score. There are multiple Midway City locations for you to peruse too.

Having control over some of your favorite characters from a movie isn’t something you see every day. That’s one of the coolest things in this game to begin with. And the best part is that this game never pushes you. It does encourage you to check out and play on a variety of ideas. But it never rushes you. Instead, you just get to follow the lead and complete quests. The graphics are realistic and the experience is very intense. This is exactly what you need and it only gets better all the time just because it’s evolving the story and it introduces cool new ideas.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR

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