100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

38. End Space

As the name states, you are in space and all you have to do is to protect your team as numerous enemies are attacking you. The game is full of intense moments that also bring in tons of fun. If you like space battles in VR, this is indeed one of the better VR experiences that you can find out there and it’s certainly very intense.

Keeping enemies away from your team sounds pretty simple at first. But as the game gets more and more challenging, you will see that doing that is actually quite complicated. But there are lots of tools and mechanics you can use as you play. That, combined with the unique set of game mechanics certainly makes End Space a very good title. This is particularly suitable for people that enjoy space games and fiction, because there’s plenty of that and a whole lot of fun gameplay into this. Yes, it’s rewarding as it is exciting, and you do want to check it out at the very least.

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