100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

36. Zombie Strike

In Zombie Strike you play as a drone and you need to eliminate the zombie horde as it tries to remove the human race from existence. You will have to upgrade your drone and do everything in your power in order to win fast and easy. The game is fully focused on having a great experience and enjoying your time, all while exploring environments and unlocking new stuff.

The simple idea of being a drone is quite amazing in this game. It puts all the power in your hands and it does make the gameplay a lot more rewarding and exciting than you imagine. Is it a great experience for you? Yes, because there are tons and tons of zombies that you have to remove from the equation. There’s always going to be an enemy to eliminate here, and that’s why you will enjoy this game so much to begin with. So yes, Zombie Strike is worth a shot, mainly because it has lots of weapons and unlocks, so you always get new stuff.

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