100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020


DRIFT allows you to play from the approach of a bullet. It’s interesting to take such a perspective and it’s certainly something unique and different, unlike anything that you can find out there. You can explore lots of cool environments here and you can also unlock new levels. Basically, if you want an adventure game where you actually become a bullet, this is definitely the right game for you and it’s actually very fun and interesting.

Being a bullet is interesting since there are so many unique challenges to check out. The game does an amazing job in bringing you the utmost attention to detail and great graphics. It’s a funny game because it gives a new perspective on attacks and shooters, and it’s just a pleasant VR experience overall. It’s created very well and it can definitely be adapted to your own pace. That alone makes things super interesting and unique, so check that out. The idea behind this game is very ingenious and the execution is amazing, so it’s certainly a game worth of your time.

Drift Oculus Go

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