100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

30. Deer Hunter VR

As the name suggests here, you are a deer hunter and your focus is on hunting deer and doing whatever you can in order to get the trophy right in front of you. But doing that might not be that easy. There are lots of deer out there, and you will have to harness your special hunting skills in order to win. You have a large arsenal at your disposal and plenty of places for hunting too.

Being a hunter in VR might not seem that easy, but it really is a great opportunity. It offers you some insane moments to explore and in the end it can definitely make its mark as one of the nicest mechanics that you can find out there. A lot of people want to enjoy VR hunting, and this game definitely pays that off in ways you would not imagine. It’s intense, it’s very fun and you have many types of animals that you can check out. It really goes to show that the gameplay is very good and you will have a great time as you play.

Deer Hunter VR Oculus Go

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