100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

29. Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried gives you the opportunity to enter a world full of ghosts and gunslingers. Your focus is to become the best and toughest in the west as fast as you can. It’s an action shooter with competitive and cooperative gameplay. You also have a practice range where you can train if you want. When it comes to weapons you have six shooters, rifles and dynamite too. There’s also a good level of immersion as you can duck or lean too, so you have to use all your skills to kill the enemies.

Having so many guns and enemies can be tricky, but it’s also an interesting idea. It just makes the game more appealing because it puts you right in the middle of it all. While there are lots of challenges in front of you, there are also some great rewards. And that’s the cool aspect in this game. The fact that you can check out and just enjoy new stuff without having to worry about anything. It’s a great experience and a unique method to explore as you get better at eliminating enemies. Plus, the cowboy allure just fits the experience very well.

Dead and Buried

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