100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

27. Herobound Gladiators

Herobound Gladiators allows you and 3 of your friends to enter an arena and battle hordes of enemies. There are 4 environments in the game and 16 arenas, so there’s a ton of content to explore and enjoy there. And the best part is that you can unlock hats and swords as you play too.

The cooperative approach is what makes Herobound Gladiators so good. You are all in this together, and if you want to stay alive you have to make compromises. That can definitely be an amazing opportunity and one that you will enjoy all the time. It’s a great idea to play this VR game if you want some amazing cooperative experience. And the best part is that you do get lots of replay value because they have m any arenas and environments that you can play in. That’s definitely a great opportunity and a unique factor that you want to check out and explore more and more.

Herobound Gladiators

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