100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

25. Dead Secret

While rural Kansas in 1965 might seem like a random place for a horror game, it’s safe to say that Dead Secret brings you that unique vine of horror and fear. A professor is dead and you need to solve the crime or you will be the next victim. It’s a rather dark game, but with some funny moments here and there.

Horror games are made for VR and you are bound to love just how good this game really is. They do an amazing job with the atmosphere here and the gameplay is actually quite immersive in its own right. While it does take a bit of time to get into it, VR does a very good job at offering all the tools you need to make the experience so rewarding and interesting to begin with. People that love action packed and fun games will like Dead Secret a lot. However, there are times when you have to focus on patience as you play this game too, which is quite nice.

Dead Secret

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