100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

18. Dreadhalls Demo

Dreadhalls Demo offers you a nice approach towards horror. You are in a dungeon and you have to do everything in your power to escape. There are no weapons, all you can use is your skill and stealthy approach to make it through. But there will definitely be some scary moments in there.

It doesn’t get spookier than this most of the time. The game is clearly created with tons of horror and scary ideas in mind. And it does pay off quite a lot. People that love horror games will like this because it’s intense, it’s fun and at the same time it always encourages you to try out new moments and experiences. It can get very scary here, just because you are always seeing new people, dealing with new stuff and so on. It’s definitely the type of thing that will bring lots and lots of scares towards you, so try to check it out at the very least and see if you enjoy it. You can rest assured this is a very intense game.

Dreadhalls Demo

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